Cursusprogramma voorjaar 2023

  • Isabelle Chaffaud      
    • € 181 – 11x: jan/fbr/mrt    
    • Katarina van den Wouwer
      • €  66 –  4x: mrt/apr       wachtlijst
      • Ciel Werts             
        • € 132 –  8x: mei/juni      wachtlijst
        • Bettina Neuhaus        
          • €  65 –  1x: workshop zaterdag 4 maart  workshop is vol


donderdagavond 20.00 tot 22.00 uur, zaal open vanaf 19.30, indien er één groep is.
zaterdag 4 maart 12.00 tot 17.00 uur, zaal open vanaf 11.30 uur.
CLOUD/Danslab, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, Den Haag
Meld je aan via het inschrijfformulier en maak het cursusgeld over op rekening nr NL 26 TRIO 0390 5115 79, tnv Dansdrift.

Wil je kennis maken met Dansdrift? Dat kan de eerste les van elke cursus. Voor zo’n les betaal je € 18. Besluit je mee te doen met de hele cursus dan wordt dat in mindering gebracht op de cursusprijs. Aanmelden; zet een vinkje bij KENNISMAKEN op het inschrijfformulier, maak het geld over aan Dansdrift en vermeldt ook de naam van de docent.



Isabelle Chaffaud

‘From the individual to the group strength.’
januari 12, 19, 26,
februari 2, 9, 16, 23,
maart 2, 9, 16 en 23.
€ 181


‘From the individual to the group strength.’
When all body is awake and energized, when sensations are enhanced, fully present then the awareness, the energy, the intention, the space can start dancing together.
From an outer point of view it is dancing with the invisible. Making the invisible, visible. All sensations are information and information becomes knowledge. This cultivates our own ground of personal treasure.

In this course Isabelle will create a tailor-made workshop for Dansdrift. Strengthening the group connection by highlighting the diversity of approach.

NB. Claire Hermans zal op 9 februari en 2 maart Isabelle vervangen.

Bio Isabelle Chaffaud

Isabelle Chaffaud is a choreographer, pedagogue and co- artistic director and of the MEYER-CHAFFAUD Company based in the Netherlands. After an international career with the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, Batsheva Dance Company and the Nederlands Dans Theater I, Isabelle was a guest dancer of Saburo Teshigawara for several years.

In close collaboration with Jérôme Meyer, they are invited to create in companies such as Scapino Ballet, Introdans, Dance Works Rotterdam.
MEYER-CHAFFAUD’s productions are performed throughout the country and internationally.

Isabelle knowledge and integrity in working with the body, together with her pedagogic skills leads her to teach contemporary master classes and workshops with various University of the ARTS such as Codarts (NL), ZHDK (CH), Koninklijk Conservatorium (NL), LE Pôle National Superieur de Cannes, (FR).

In the SOUL # show series, started in 2017, Isabelle Chaffaud studies the nature of human relation and through raw and poetic dance, as well as close physical participations with the audience, share what “being together” can mean.

Isabelle is Co-founder of CLOUD / Danslab, a choreographic research center which supports multidisciplinary by providing: premises, human resources and exchanges with the public.

Isabelle is Co-director of the HUBS Immersive festival, a biannual multidisciplinary festival.

Since 2017 Isabelle sits in the jury member of the Piket Art Prizes.


Katarina van den Wouwer

‘Moving presence.’
maart 30,
april 6, 13 en 20.
€ 66


‘Moving presence.’
For this series of classes Katarina wants to offer you a space to land in your body, in order to connect with your inner landscape and the outer world. It is an invitation to welcome a sense of nourishment, vitality, and to allow yourself to rest in your own presence.

We will flow through creative play, various movement explorations, and move from a somatic approach.

Come as you are and let’s enjoy the dance of togetherness.

Bio Katarina van den Wouwer

Katarina van den Wouwer moves through life as a traveler, dancer, movement facilitator, and massage therapist.

She worked as a dancer with the Royal Ballet of Flanders and the Netherlands Dance Theatre, where she had the oppurtunity to explore and experience a wide spectrum of movement styles.

With time her research has extended towards the realm of healing arts, and facilitating dance/movement for various target groups.

She finds great resonance and inspiration in the practice of Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Laban Movement Analyses, Martial Arts, Mindfulness, nature and the power of love. Currently she is exploring how these principles can nourish and deepen her understanding of dance, body-work, the connection with herself, people and daily life.


Ciel Werts

‘Het onzegbare.’
mei 11, 18, 25,
juni 1, 8, 15, 22 en 29.
€ 132


‘Het onzegbare.’
‘Dans gaat immers over wat niet zegbaar is…’

Kernbegrippen in deze cursus zijn:

  • Lichaam: Fysieke (on)mogelijkheden, kinesthetische intelligentie.
  • Vitaliteit.
  • Dynamiek.
  • Ritme.
  • Concentratie.
  • Stilte / Adem.
  • Eigenheid en samen.
  • Simpel en complex :
    ‘My walking is my dancing’   (Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker)
  • Ruimte / Tijd
  • Muziek.

De avond wordt begonnen met een gestructureerde warming up en concrete bewegingsopdrachten.
Daarna experimenteren met bewegingsmateriaal individueel of met anderen.
De avond wordt afgesloten met het kijken naar elkaars improvisaties.

Bio Ciel Werts

Ciel Werts is dansdocent in het gebied van Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, dansimprovisatie en compositie.
Zij heeft vele jaren lesgegeven aan de Rotterdamse Dansacademie, aan de mimeschool van de AHK en op diverse andere plaatsen in Nederland en daarbuiten.
Als danser/performer heeft zij gewerkt met o.a. Meredith Monk, Ping Chong, Hans Tuerlings, Piet Rogie en recentelijk met Ine te Rietstap.


Bettina Neuhaus

1x, workshop:
zaterdag 4 maart,
12.00-17.00 uur, zaal open 11.30 uur.
€ 65


This one-day workshop uses movement and dance to access the richness of vitality, experience and imagination that resides within our body. The practice focusses on our body as a shelter where our connectedness with ourselves and the world originates: our homeland.
Exploring in particular the pelvis as a place where the lines of force of our body concentrate activates this powerful energetic center that strengthens our connection with the earth, the space and others while also propelling our dancing.
Being anchored in our body as our homeland provides a continuous perception inward and outward.
As we follow the flow of inspiration and imagination that passes through us and our actions we are ready to fully participate in the dances we compose alone or with others.

Come and spend time in your HOMELAND!

Bio Bettina Neuhaus

Bettina Neuhaus is an independent dance artist, certified Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) teacher and mentor, who has been working internationally in the field of performance for 30 years.
She collaborates with dancers, musicians, visual artists and poets. With an interest in finding ways of a more embodied awareness of ecology Bettina developed over the past 10 years an outdoor practice that investigates the communication and action that can emerge from within our relationship with nature.
In her teaching she shares her deep love for movement as a way of experiencing aliveness, and connecting us to ourselves and to the world.
Bettina’s classes draw from and intertwine elements of SRT, Instant Composition, experiential anatomy and hands-on work. She teaches Instant Composition and SRT extensively at major academies, festivals and studios across Europe and South America.